E-PSVD series

E-PSVD series pumps are developed most suitably for 2~5ton mini excavators.    This E-PSVD pump consist of 4 elements:
2 piston pumps,
1 gear pump,
1 gerotor pump.
ln this series, 4 different size pumps are available.




  • Light weight, simple structure, and reduced number of parts.
  • Low noise and low pressure ripple by excellent, Swash Plate and Valve Plate design.
  • Short total length ensures the pump fit small engine room.
  • One common suction port is devided into 4 pump suction area in the case.
  • No case drain port
  • Long life
    1. Pilot pump and relief valve (30-50 bar) are installed as standard.
    2. Selection of gear pump displacement is option.
Business unit

HANSA-TMP offers complete hydraulic and electronic systems and solutions designed to the needs of the customer operating in the mobile sector, in particular for agricultural, construction, municipal and forestry machines.

Through our team of specialists we support the machinery manufacturers in co-designing the complete solution, giving them a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency, silence, compactness, robustness and emission reduction. Discover our solutions for mobile applications: HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION – Design and supply of the complete traction system / MACHINE MONITORING AND CONTROL / CONTROL ELECTRONICS AND AUTOMOTIVE / STEER-BY-WIRE AND MAN-MACHINE INTERFACE  /  DUAL-PATH VEHICLES (CRAWLER VEHICLES OR SKID STEERS) / FAN DRIVE SYSTEM / LOAD SENSING CONTROL / HYDRO-ELECTRIC VEHICLES / MANUALLY OPERATED SAFETY SYSTEMS


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