EcoFiliera Italia – A Supply Chain Innovation Model for Sustainable Development

At HANSA TMP we have an ambitious goal: the sustainable development of our traditional and newly emerging supply chains.


We want to introduce an innovative approach in our supply network, reorganising the supply chain and enhancing the value of local manufacturers. Currently, we export Made in Italy hydraulic components to over 60 countries worldwide in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, adding value to the work of our local suppliers.


Our strategy emphasises social and environmental responsibility, seeking to reduce our impact through eco-sustainable practices, efficient resource management and working with ethical suppliers.


Our management is strongly committed to continuous improvement in governance and to adopting an organisation, management and control model that promotes sustainability.

We have many good reasons for preferring short supply chain components from our local area. This reduces waste and CO2 emissions, because transport time and packaging are reduced.


After the experience of the logistic chaos during Covid, we learnt that relying on closer suppliers gives us better guarantees on supply chains. In fact, most of our suppliers come from the local area and have established long-standing partnerships with us.


Our relations with stakeholders and business partners are based on principles of responsibility, integrity and transparency to protect the economic system. We actively collaborate with them, sharing ideas and growing together, aware of the importance of addressing climate change as a priority. We select solutions with a lower environmental impact and raise our customers’ awareness of these issues.


To achieve an agile, carbon-neutral, and resource-efficient digital economy, we believe it is essential to fully mobilise SMEs, which represent the economic fabric of our region. These micro-enterprises, specialised in mechanical and hydraulic engineering, are valuable assets for local employment and production quality. We support their growth and internationalisation with business and innovation infrastructure.

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The project has been running for several years and the first results are very satisfying. Geographically speaking, during 2021, the Group purchased almost 84% of its total goods, works and services in Italy, 83% of which mainly involved suppliers located in Emilia-Romagna. The remaining 16% of expenditure, on the other hand, went to EU and non-EU suppliers.

In 2022, the percentage of goods purchased in Italy out of the total rose to almost 85% (of which 79% in Emilia-Romagna), while only 15% of total spending went to foreign suppliers.

In terms of personnel: this strategy has guaranteed the creation of 45 new jobs at our local suppliers, in addition to the 40 full-time employees hired at the HANSA TMP headquarters in Modena.

We are currently undertaking an LCA (Product Life Cycle Analysis) study to quantify the reduction in CO2 emissions with the new model compared to a traditional non-MK0 supply chain model.


Our transition to a more sustainable Europe, economically, environmentally and socially, goes hand to hand with digitization. With our constant commitment and the support of our stakeholders, partners and suppliers, we face the increasingly competitive challenges to build an even more sustainable future together.

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