In addition to being a leader in the development and production of electro-hydraulic components and an important partner of several manufacturers in the construction of complete hydraulic systems, we are also able to offer our customers a wide range of services.


Our team of Application Engineers can design ad hoc hydraulic circuits for specific requests.

We supply spare parts quickly, overhaul your component and repair it when necessary.

We believe that training is a fundamental part of the process and, therefore, we regularly organize training courses to support our staff and official distributors, ensuring precision, high quality and control.


Our activities:

Studio di sistema idraulico completo

Do you have a specific need? Do you want to achieve a certain performance, but you do not have the expertise to do so?

The HANSA-TMP technical team is the best choice if you are looking for a single supplier of hydraulic components and hydrostatic transmissions construction.


The efficiency and high flexibility of our designers make us the ideal partner for companies that want to entrust to a team of professionals in the hydraulic sector with the task of following from the design of the pump to the smallest accessory of the hydrostatic transmission, in order to obtain a turnkey circuit for the customer.

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Parti di ricambio - magazzini verticali

Speed is our strength!

Do you need a hydraulic component for your tractor, dumper truck or roller compactor and want to have it in the shortest possible time?


By entering our online stock you will quickly receive what you are looking for, guaranteeing low maintenance costs and continuity in the life cycle of your machine.

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Riparazione e revisione componenti idraulici

Inspection and repair of internal production hydraulic pumps and motors and testing with certified test bench.

HANSA-TMP specialised operators are able to intervene with the maximum timeliness on any type of hydraulic component, with the possibility of undertaking Service Agreements.

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manutenzione impianti hansa tmp

At the customer’s request we provide Worldwide assistance in machine assembly, commissioning and periodic maintenance of the same.

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Quality centre - laboratori di metrologia

For HANSA-TMP, precision means being able to guarantee high production and quality standards.

Our quality control centre has a modern metrology room and three test benches. We perform functional tests simulating the operating conditions in which our system will work, monitoring the main parameters such as pressure, flow rate, temperature, degree of oil contamination and noise level.

In addition, we verify full compliance with the dimensional and shape parameters set out in the drawing, ensuring the functionality of each hydraulic component.

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Banco di collaudo e prova componenti

To meet the high-quality standards demanded by OEMs, three test benches are available. All HANSA-TMP products are tested and inspected before being shipped.

In addition, if a hydraulic product has a problem, on request, our process is as follows: we dismantle the product, analyse the internal components, assess the problem and, if necessary, replace worn components.

Then, we readjust the product and repair or revamp it.

Finally, reassembly and bench testing take place.

Through our highly performing systems, it is possible to measure and evaluate the useful life of a product, analyzing any breakages and anomalies.

Following the process, the component is returned to the customer as good as new.

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product training hansa tmp

We continuously train our customers and distributors in the use of our units, supporting them and showing them our production cycle, a guarantee of the HANSA-TMP values

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