Hydraulic Rotary Actuators for Mobile Applications

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Discover the wide range of rotary actuators produced by HKS that HANSA TMP can provide. This mobile hydraulic system is used in various sectors, such as: sewage treatment plants, hydraulic steel, water distribution, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, air conditioning and ventilation industry, shipbuilding, steelworks, food industry.

Main Advantages:

  • No internal leakage
  • Precise positioning without deviation
  • Possibility of any intermediate angle of rotation
  • Direct securing of load on one or both sides through shaft hole
  • High bearing load capacity
  • Harmonic design
  • Compact solution
  • Use of high quality, high strength materials
  • Sealing material from reputable manufacturers
  • Special requirements can be met wherever possible

Working Pressure up to 250 bar
Torque up to 250.000 Nm
Angle of Rotation up to 1.080°
Special Angle of Rotation up to 1.500°
All sliding surfaces are surface-hardened
Rotary pistons can be run to their end stop positions and loaded
Rotation angle or end stop query possible via standard camshaft
Improved bearing efficiency with four-point bearing
Any intermediate rotation angle possible
Angular adjustment as standard
Improved end position cushioning (as standard)
State-of-the-art sealing technology
Stepless adjustment of the shaft position


HANSA-TMP 提供完整的液压和电子系统和解决方案,旨在满足移动领域客户的需求,尤其是农业、建筑、市政和林业机械。

通过我们的专家团队,我们支持机械制造商共同设计完整的解决方案,使他们在效率、静音、紧凑、坚固和减排方面更具竞争优势。了解我们的移动应用解决方案:静液压传动设计和供应完整的牵引系统/机器监控和控制/控制电子设备和汽车/线控转向和人机界面/双路径车辆(履带式车辆或滑移转向)/风扇驱动系统/负载传感控制 / 水力电动车 / 手动操作的安全系统。



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