Unique Fluid Power solution combining low power consumption with high precision control.


The Kawasaki K3VR/K3VL Eco Servo electro-hydraulic hybrid system is particularly suitable for use in industrial and mobile applications. It allows the speed of the hydraulic pump to be controlled using an electric motor, depending on the power required. This leads to high efficiency, greater energy savings, and better controllability. 

The system can use Kawasaki's K3VR/K3VL Series axial piston pumps and covers a wide range of displacements, taking full advantage of high pressure, low fluctuation, and high efficiency.


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28 ÷ 200


35 MPa


2.000 rpm


For open and closed circuit pumps

Compact installation

Easy maintenance



Industrial presses

Printing machines

Sheet metal cutting machines

Steel production plants

Construction machinery

Agricultural machinery

Combine harvesters

Tipper vehicles

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