Distribution of the most prestigious international hydraulic brands. Partnerships for a 360° service. 
Starting from the objectives of performance and efficiency, there are many collaborations with different companies with which HANSA-TMP has been able to create a synergy. 

As the exclusive distributor in Italy of many brands of high-quality international hydraulic components such as Kawasaki Precision Machinery, Wandfluh, Yeoshe, Dynex, Rickmeier, HKS, we are also an authorised repair and warranty centre for the distributed brands. Thanks to various partnerships, we supply most of the components required by a hydraulic circuit, making us the only partner of choice.



kawasaki hansa tmp

HANSA-TMP authorized distributor for Italy of Kawasaki Precision Machinery.


For more than 20 years, HANSA-TMP has been working with the global giant Kawasaki Precision Machinery.

Kawasaki Hydraulics has been developing hydraulic components for almost 100 years, so many of our customers rely on their recognised quality. Its range of pumps and motors is available worldwide. All parts and units can be ordered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our stock online.


Kawasaki pumps and motors AVAILABLE in stock:

  • - Variable displacement pumps
  • K3VL 28-200 cc/rev
  • K3VLS 50-150 cc/rev
  • K7SP36 36 + 36 cc/rev
  • K7VG 180-265 cc/rev
  • - Variable and fixed displacement hydraulic motors / radial piston motors:
  • M3, Fixed Displacement Motor
  • M7V, Variable Displacement Motor
  • HMB STAFFA, Fixed Displacement Radial Motor


Cooperation with HANSA-TMP since 1997.

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yeoshe hansa tmp

Established in 1989, Yeoshe is a manufacturer and designer of high quality pumps and hydraulic machines in Taiwan.
At Hansa-TMP we have AR-Series and V-Series open circuit pumps in stock, which we can deliver quickly at favourable prices.



Cooperation with HANSA-TMP since 2002.


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hks hansa Tmp

HKS is a leading German manufacturer of rotary actuators.

These are used in a wide variety of applications in the industrial, mobile and marine sectors.



Cooperation with HANSA-TMP since 1985.

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rickmeier hansa tmp

High flow, low-pressure helical gear pumps for lubrication circuits.

Rickmeier manufactures gear pumps, valves and industrial lubrication systems.

Rickmeier products are widely used in diesel engines, gas turbines, industrial vehicles and plants, chemical plants, wind turbines, shipbuilding, power plants, printing machines, textile machines, machine tools and in all applications where high reliability and safety are required.


  • Helical gear pumps for lubricating or conveying liquids, for use with mineral oils or other lubricating media. Available displacements from 2,5 to 1.400 cm3/n. Max. pressure 2,5 MPa.
  • Direct acting or piloted pressure control valves for lubrication circuits.
  • Complete lubrication and cooling systems for gearboxes or bearings according to customer specifications.
  • Development of special pumps and valves for lubrication systems or fluids transportation according to customer requirements.


Cooperation with HANSA-TMP since 1986.

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dynex hansa tmp

High-pressure pumps, check-ball system and high-pressure valves.


For over 40 years, Dynex has been manufacturing hydraulic components and systems for the mobile and industrial sectors. The product range includes pumps, high-pressure directional and control valves, heavy-duty piston motors and electro-hydraulic actuators for remote control.

Dynex also manufactures hydraulic power packs and systems for heavy-duty applications including high-pressures and special fluids.


At HANSA-TMP you can find the whole range of Dynex branded products:

High-pressure piston pumps with check valve distribution

Fixed displacement pumps from 0.46 to 126 cm3 and max. pressure up to 138 MPa.

Variable displacement pumps from 27 to 126 cm3 and max. pressure up to 59 MPa.

Pumps for special fluids such as water-glycol fluids, flame-resistant fluids, high or low viscosity fluids and low lubricity fluids.

Split-Flow® pumps: pumps with several independent deliveries, suitable for supplying several users.

Direction control valves: for pressures up to 70 MPa and flow rates up to 625 l/min.

Pressure control valves: for pressures up to 104 MPa and flow rates up to 190 l/min. 



Cooperation with HANSA-TMP since 1986.


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Walvoil products complete the HANSA-TMP product range.

The main manufacturer of hydraulic products, electronics and complete mechatronic systems, Walvoil is a market leader in the handling of machinery specifically used in applications such as: agriculture, construction and earthmoving, lifting and transport, industrial vehicles.

In HANSA-TMP you can find the whole range of Walvoil branded products:

  • Distributors and Servocontrols 
  • Gear Pumps and Motors and Special Versions (aluminium, cast iron and flow dividers)
  • Compact hydraulics 
  • Electronic Components and PHC Systems 

Cooperation with HANSA-TMP since 2020.

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New collaboration with the leading valve manufacturer for mobile and industrial applications.

Determined by the same company values, HANSA-TMP and ATOS aim to offer customers the best tailor-made solutions and the highest technical support. High quality and know-how characterize the two companies, ensuring a strong synergy.

Here are the ATOS products available in HANSA-TMP:

  • Proportional valves

Directional, directional servo-proportional, directional high performance, proportional safety, pressure high performance, flow.

Axis and P/Q controls
ON-OFF valves

Directional, pressure, flow, non-return, safety, modular, ISO cartridges.

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