Welcome to the first HANSA-TMP Hydraulic Exhibition.


Kawasaki Precision Machinery production virtual stand


Looking forward to meeting you personally, we have designed several stands so that you can discover our product range in advance and from the comfort of your desk.

Kawasaki Precision Machinery pumps and motors, HANSA-TMP Manufacturing Line and hand pumps are the projects we are working on for you.

Our aim is to provide you with information and continuous innovation. Through these stands, we want to tell you about our products and help you understand how we can help you as a hydraulics professional.

With more than 30 years of experience, HANSA-TMP offers high-performance, fully customised products in short delivery times. With a wide range of engineered products and technical support, the company is a unique partner for OEM and distributor customers, providing hydraulic system integration solutions for mobile, industrial, marine and wind power applications.

The first stand we are presenting is that of our 20-year partner: Kawasaki Precision Machinery. Wherever you need to lift, pump, move, steer or control, you will find Kawasaki's advanced technologies. 

From road and construction equipment to agricultural and material handling machinery, the company has a reputation for providing high-quality, high-powered components where precision and control are key elements.


Thanks to this partnership, HANSA-TMP becomes a single-source supplier for hydraulic systems, ensuring the highest possible quality for your hydrostatic transmission. 
The innovative virtual stand represents an overview of Kawasaki Precision Machinery products available at HANSA-TMP. KPM pumps and motors in stock:


- Axial piston pumps:

K3VL 28-200 cc/rev
K3VLS 50-150 cc/rev
K7VG 180-265 cc/rev
K8V 71-130 cc/rev


- Hydraulic motors:

M3X/M3B Fixed and variable displacement motors
M7X/M7V Fixed and variable displacement motors 
HMB, HMF, HMC, HPC, HPB Radial Piston Motors - Staffa Series 


Every week a new stand and lots of news will be online. Stay tuned!




To visit the Kawasaki Precision Machinery virtual stand



Ylenia Pellegrino HANSA-TMP