Published twice per year (June and December), the HANSA-TMP Magazine aims to take you inside our company, tell you about new projects and products in development. Inside you will find up-to-date content on sustainable products, successful applications, market trends and updates on HANSA-TMP and its staff.
In this first issue, we will report on our main innovations and describe new products such as the new TPV 1100 and the TPV 1300 BTB axial piston pumps, and the new range of electric motors.
We will also share your thoughts, discussing together the results of the LinkedIn survey: "How do you make your machine's hydraulic system more efficient and sustainable?
We will clearly show you how and what benefits our intervention has brought to various solutions in the mobile, industrial, marine and wind power sectors.
Finally, some company updates on new events, activities and HANSA-TMP team.


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