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For more than 20 years, HANSA-TMP has been the exclusive distributor for Italy of the entire range of Kawasaki Precision Machinery hydraulic products.

Through this partnership, HANSA-TMP becomes a unique and complete supplier for hydraulic systems, ensuring the highest possible quality, guaranteed by the worldwide recognition of the brand.


The innovative virtual stand represents an overview of Kawasaki Precision Machinery products available at HANSA-TMP.



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Kawasaki Precision Machinery


Kawasaki Hydraulics has been developing hydraulic components for almost 100 years.

Its wide range of pumps and motors is used in various sectors, including mobile, industrial, construction and marine.

A leader in high-level engineering and technology, a guarantee of quality and innovation, wherever you need to lift, pump, move, steer or control, you will find Kawasaki Precision Machinery's advanced technologies.


From road and construction equipment to agricultural and material handling machinery, the company has a reputation for providing high-quality, high-power components where precision and control are key elements.


Each project, component and system is preceded by a large R&D studio that makes it possible to go beyond the boundaries of efficiency and controllability, maximising the productivity of customers' fleets.


Every day, these technologically advanced products work hard to increase machine efficiency, reduce energy waste and maximize production.



Here are the Kawasaki products that will be present at our exhibitions:


If you are interested in any of these products and want to learn more, use the form to contact us.