A business history that has lasted for over 70 years.

From family business to managerial business, always keeping the value of the people at the center.


1950 - Born the company Officina Meccanica Pecorari specialized in the design and production of the first agricultural machines, such as rototiller.


1957 - Participation in the first trade fairs, the brand is established on the Italian market.


1968 - Opening up to non-European markets for the promotion of Made in Italy components.


1978 - After a period of American training, Tony M. Pecorari returns to Italy and puts into practice his knowledge in hydraulic plant engineering.






Company growth with product innovations 
New and efficient process technologies
Expansion into new markets
Training of the team towards full digitisation of processes and operational efficiency


Famiglia Pecorari Hansa Tmp


The management of Hansa-TMP. 
The Pecorari family, from left to right: Dr. Emanuela Poli (VP Finance & HR), Dr. Silvia Pecorari (VP Strategic Development & Operations)
and Mr. Antonio (Tony) M. Pecorari (Founder & President).