The most prestigious brands of international hydraulics

Distribution of the most prestigious international hydraulics brands. Partnerships for a 360° service. Starting from the objectives of performance and efficiency, there are many collaborations with different companies with which HANSA-TMP has been able to create a synergy.

As exclusive distributor for the Italian market of many brands of international hydraulic components such as Kawasaki Precision Machinery, Walvoil, Atos, Yeoshe, Dynex, Rickmeier and HKS, we are also authorised repair and warranty centre for the distributed brands. Thanks to the different collaborations, we supply most of the components required by a hydraulic circuit, making us the only reference partner.


Pumps for special fluids
Pumps for special fluids - Dynex
pompe split flow
Split-Flow® pumps - Dynex
Motori ad ingranaggi - Walvoil
Gear motors
Gear pumps and motors - Walvoil
Gear pumps
D03 pattern valves
Directional Control Valves - Dynex
Electronic Components and PHC Systems - Walvoil
Electronic Components and PHC Systems
8800 serie
Pressure control valves - Dynex
Directional Valves and Remote Controls - walvoil
Directional Valves and Remote Controls
PF Series - Dynex
Idraulica compatta - Walvoil
Compact Hydraulics
PV6000 - variable delivery pumps - hydraulic input
PV Series - Dynex
Hydraulic Gear Pumps Group 0 - 1 - 2 - 3
Group 0-1-2-3