High-performance hydraulic components

The Manufacturing division specialises in the design and 100% Made in Italy production of pumps, motors, hydraulic brakes, fan drive systems and pump supports that meet the highest quality standards required by OEMs. 
It is precisely in the mechanical district of Emilia Romagna that the company has developed its supply chain and works constantly on the virtual integration of it to reduce time to market and increase the flexibility of customisation of the finished product. Our Internal Research Centre collaborates with the best Italian and foreign universities to achieve the best level of technology in the production of hydraulic components for mobile, industrial, marine and wind power applications.


For this reason, the company has set up a dedicated prototype area complete with testing machinery, where rapid prototyping technology and a metrology laboratory are used to support customers in developing fully in-house customised solutions in the shortest possible time. Production efficiency, speed and flexibility together with high quality, repeatable over the long term and co-design of customised solutions with the customer are the keys to the company's competitive advantage. HANSA-TMP invests heavily each year in maximising the productivity of the assembly lines, increasing automation, operator training and accuracy of end-of-line testing to ensure the highest quality and traceability of every part.

Hand pumps
GL Series
Pallet truck hand pump
Pallet truck pump
BTM Spring Loaded Disc Brakes
TMV 550 two-speed variable displacement axial piston motor
TMV 550
TPV 1100 servo comando idraulico
TPV 1100 (6cc - 21cc)
Belt drive support SAE-A BDS 24/9 & 24/13
BDS - Belt Drive Support
TPF 60 - Open Loop Fixed Displacement Axial Piston Pumps
TPF 60 (35 - 50)
TMF 600 - Fixed Displacement Axial Piston Motors
TMF 600
Hydraulic pedals
Hydraulic Pedals
Plug-in two-speed axial piston semi-integrated motors
Fixed displacement axial piston motor for closed and open circuit TMF 900
TMF 900
TPV 1300 BTB tandem axial piston pump with hydraulic servo-proportional control
TPV 1300 BTB (6cc - 21cc)