Complete hydraulic and electronic systems

The Engineering division specialises in the integration of hydraulics, power transmissions, electrical drives, control electronics and software.

Our team of hydraulic designers and systems engineers, in close collaboration with the customer, designs and sizes systems for specific applications with a high degree of customisation, together with the use of other hydraulic components distributed by HANSA-TMP.

We are able to design from the pump to the smallest accessory of the hydrostatic transmission, with the aim of obtaining a turnkey circuit for the customer.

HANSA-TMP is the single point of contact for the design and integration of complete systems in the hydraulic and electronic fields, guaranteeing total management of projects in the mobile, industrial, marine and wind power sectors, assistance and specialised technical advice, to offer the best solutions in terms of efficiency and sustainability with a high level of customisation.

The company assists its customers from the prototype design phase, through machine start-up, to after-sales service, as a development and innovation partner that reduces time to market for OEMs.


MAV 8 SH - Electronic Control Card Programmable with Automotive Control
MAV 4211 SH - Scheda di controllo elettronica software precaricato
MAV 4211 SH
Hydraulic, Electro-Hydraulic and Special Rotary Couplings
Hydraulic Rotary Couplings
Air-Oil Heat Exchangers MG Air Series
Air-Oil Heat Exchangers MG Air Series
Gear flow dividers
Gear Flow Dividers
Truck Mixer Drives Gearboxes
Truck Mixer Drives Gearboxes
DC Series -  Electric wheel drive motors
DC Series - Motors Wheel Drive
HT6-HT7 series fixed displacement hydraulic vane pumps
HT6 - HT7 Series
SE - EP Series
Medium Duty Orbit Hydraulic Motors
Medium Duty Orbit Hydraulic Motors (Disc Valve Distributor)
Combined return/suction filters for hydraulic systems
Return/Suction Filters
Mechanical clutches
Mechanical Clutches