BTM are static brakes with hydraulic pilot pressure for opening.

The braking action is obtained by a series of discs (the number of discs is variable according to required brake torque) and springs acting onto the main piston.
The brake housing is of spheroidal cast iron and extrusion proof seals are suitable for high pressures.

The brakes are able to work with hydraulic mineral oil with viscosity ISO VG 150 (15°E at 50°C); pressing oil through the “Pil” port, the main piston opens the discs and unlocks the main shaft.


BTM - Spring Loaded Disc Brakes


  • Breaking torque up to 520 Nm
  • Suitable for different input/output shafts and flanges


Parking brakes for compact machinery


Mini dumpers

Brakes applied in slewing rings for the rotation of the nacelle and blades of wind turbines

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