We are pleased to announce that our new ultra-efficient TPV 2500 axial piston pump is shortlisted for the SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS TROPHY of AGRITECHNICA 2022.


TPV 2500 axial piston pump



We believe in the innovation that we think can characterize a new era for hydrostatic transmissions.


Featuring a 11-piston cylinder block and the swash plate on hydrostatic support, the new axial piston pump for hydrostatic transmission offers high pump efficiency resulting in fuel reductions of up to 10 percent.

The mechanical contact between swash plate and pump body is eliminated, reducing noise by 3dB. A longer lifespan has been demonstrated and the compact and rugged design results in high power density.

The system features a displacement ranging from 22 to 32 cm3/n with a maximum pressure of 450 bar, and an innovative oil distribution means the pump can reach 98 percent overall efficiency

The TPV 2500 is applicable with diesel, hybrid and electric engine.


Hoping for a great result, we look forward to meeting you at the fair!

Stay tuned for updates!



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