Bulding long term partnership: DYNEX

In June, Dynex visited us to confirm our long partnership, we talked with Joe Patching, Technical Sales Representative with several years of experience at Dynex/Rivett Inc. Here below our interview:


Dear Joe, could you please tell more about Dynex/Rivett Inc.

Dynex manufactures hydraulic components and systems for use on mobile and industrial machinery. These pumps, valves, motors and power units have been sold worldwide for over 60 years. Products include high-pressure checkball piston pumps, high-pressure directional and pressure control valves, heavy-duty piston motors for demanding conditions, and electrohydraulic actuators for remote control.

Dynex is the world’s leading producer of high pressure hydraulics for moderate and high flows. At high pressures, these products provide the power in smaller packages. At lower pressures, these same products give you the life and performance margin essential in critical environments. Your machines are stronger, more efficient and reliable. They can be used with confidence anywhere in the world.


Can you describe Dynex product range?

Dynex pumps are checkball piston pumps with inlet and outlet checkballs. This design makes these pumps ideal for harsh fluids and environments including tunnel boring machines, aviation equipment test stands and high temperature applications.

We can also supply pumps suitable for use with water glycol fluids. These pumps are used worldwide on flushing skids and LP/HP testing applications as well as accumulator charging on critical systems.

Our pumps and valves are also used in high temperature applications such as hydrostatic bearings in steel mills as well as high torque tool power packs and everything in between.

As well as the pumps and valves available we can also supply tailor-made power packs and motor/pump assemblies for varying applications including WHCP’s.

All Dynex non-electrical pumps are suitable for use in hazardous applications and can come supplied with ATEX documentation and Declaration of Conformity.

They are also CE marked and soon to be UKCA marked as well.


Can you explain how does your split flow pump work?

ONE Dynex pump can supply multiple actuators, and synchronized movement can be achieved without flow dividers. Dynex pioneered this Split-Flow® technology over 60 years ago!

The checkball pump design uses individual piston check valves, offering a unique advantage among hydraulic pumps. Each pumping chamber can be isolated, and the output from each piston can be used separately.

With varying piston quantities per pump model (from 3 to 10), Dynex can offer any variation or combination up to a maximum of 10 outlets i.e., 7+3, 8+2 etc. depending on the customers flow and pressure requirements.

This unique design offers significant benefits including:

  • One Split-Flow® pump replaces multiple pumps.
  • One pump can supply independent or synchronous flows.
  • More accurate output than flow dividers.
  • Reduced costs and saved space using one pump.
  • Very high efficiency at high pressures.
  • No reduction in max pressure per individual outlet.


What are your main fields of applications?

Our main fields of applications are: drill rigs, synchronous lifting, jacking, clamping, presses, high-torque tools, flushing rigs, test stands, tunnel boring machines, well head control panels and FPSO


Why choosing Dynex? What are your competitive advantages?

Dynex continually invests in new product development, and advanced machining and testing equipment.

The company offers flexible design and manufacturing processes and provide quick response. We can shorten your new product development time, as well as support your regular production requirements.

Dynex HQ in Pewaukee, USA, has undergone assessment by Verisys Registrars and has been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Our management system has been certified for the designing, manufacturing, assembling, testing, selling, servicing of electro-hydraulic pumps, motors, and valves.


The Dynex UK management system has undergone assessment by The Audit People Ltd. and has been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 as well as Occupational Health and Safety Management System-45001:2018, and Environmental Management System-14001:2015.

Dynex have a great customer service and response. We will always work hard with customers to achieve their desired products and critical lead times.

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